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Thursday, February 2,2012

City Pulse Demographics.

by Administrator

The City Pulse Reader:


City Pulse’s biennial readership survey shows that Lansing’s only locally owned weekly newspaper continues to deliver an educated, affluent and active readership.

It’s also a growing audience. The 2012 survey of more than 495 respondents tells us that all age groups are well represented, from people with high disposable income (27.9% are 21 to 34) to people in the prime of their careers (29.15% are 45 to 59).

They are well educated: 85.4% have college degrees, including 34% with graduate degrees.

They are affluent: 46.31% have household incomes of $60,000 a year or more, including 19.14% with incomes of more than $100,000.

And they are active. They go out to eat and for entertainment often.

Your ad not only reaches a great niche, it is an enlarging niche of Greater Lansing. Started just ten years ago, City Pulse has grown from 8,000 copies every two weeks to 21,000 copies every week. Great places like Goodrich’s Shop-Rite, Horrock’s, the MAC, and virtually all the Biggby coffee shops are just a few of the 455 locations where City Pulse is available with a new issue every Wednesday. Wouldn’t you like to reach the 42,000 to 63,000 estimated readers who frequent such great establishments?

By the way, nearly half our respondents say they look at the ads. Get in front of a great and growing audience every Wednesday in City Pulse, Lansing’s true advertising alternative.

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