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Tasty beer, tasteless comedy

Craft beers and raunchy comedy on tap for Brew Ha-Ha at The Loft

by Kyle Koehler
Comedian Michael Lasher is organizing Brew Ha-Ha Thursday at The Loft. Photo courtesy of Tom Wright.

Tuesday, April 15 — Few things go hand-in-hand better than copious amounts of beer and questionably tasteful comedy. Brew Ha-Ha, the unofficial pre-party for this weekend’s Microbrew & Music Festival, takes this knowledge to heart for an event Thursday night at The Loft.


Sierra Club to BWL: Retire Eckert by 2017

Environmental group urges Lansing Board of Water and Light to invest in long-term renewable energy, not short-term “Band-Aid” fixes to aging coal plant

by Andy Balaskovitz
The Board of Water and Light\'s Eckert plant along the Grand River, south of downtown Lansing. Courtesy photo.

Monday, April 14 — The Sierra Club over the weekend formally urged the Lansing Board of Water and Light to not spend millions on short-term pollution controls at its aging coal-fired Eckert plant, but rather on sustainable energy and upgrading transmission.


"City Pulse Newsmakers"

This week's guests are Jarrett Skorup, research associate for the Mackinac Center for Public Policy; and Gilda Jacobs, president and CEO of the Michigan League for Public Policy.

City Pulse Newsmakers S03 Ep2 from Lansing Public Media on Vimeo.

Watch “City Pulse Newsmakers” on Sunday at 9 and 11:30 a.m. on Comcast Channel 16 in Lansing, Sunday at 10 a.m. on MY-18 TV and every day at 11:30 a.m. and 11:30 p.m. on Comcast Channel 30 in Meridian Township. Hosted by editor & publisher Berl Schwartz.

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Smee and you

The classic Peter Pan tale gets international makeover

by Kyle Koehler
MSU\\\'s \\

Friday, April 11 — You’re probably familiar with the story of “Peter Pan.” A child refuses to grow up, lives in a mystical land called Neverland and fights pirates with the help of his fairy friend, the Darling siblings, and the Lost Boys. But what if instead of calling the Native Americans in the show racially explosive names like “redskins” and “Indians,” we actually place the story in India? That's what director Rob Roznowski set to find out.

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Kink and class

Wharton Center announces part of its 2014-’15 season

by City Pulse Staff
Tony Award-winner \"Kinky Boots\" comes to the Wharton Center in May 2015. Courtesy photo.

Friday, April 11 — East Lansing is getting kinky next year — literally. The Wharton Center announced a portion of its 2014-’15 today, which includes a stop for the Tony Award-winning Broadway musical, “Kinky Boots.” Violin virtuoso Itzhak Perlman is coming too, but chances are his wardrobe will be much more subdued


This week from Capital News Service

Bat-killing fungus discovered in Michigan, causing concern for farmers, foresters and homeowners

by CNS correspondents
Courtesy photo

Friday, April 4 — Each week, City Pulse runs a series of stories produced by Capital News Service correspondents at Michigan State University’s School of Journalism. This week’s topics include a bat-killing fungus discovered in Michigan; new highway construction zone safety stats; paving roads with gravel and expanded dredging projects.

Arts and Culture

Book reviews: Notes from Neil

Great Reads and More Pie

by Neil Rajala

Thursday, April 10 — My wonderful daughter was in town last weekend to celebrate her birthday. We had our usual great time getting caught up on current favorite reads and swapping piles of books. Yep, she's one of us. Here's what we're reading: THE INTERN'S HANDBO...

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Girl, uninterrupted

Q&A with Sandra Collins, star of Capital City Film Festival documentary 'Girl'

Sandra Collins, star of the EDM documentary \"Girl\" showing at the Capital City Film Festival, will perform a live show at the Loft on Thursday night. Courtesy photo.

Wednesday, April 9 — On Thursday, electronic dance music DJ Sandra Collins will take the stage at the Loft for a free show, kicking off the 4th annual Capital City Film Festival. Collins is the featured performer in the documentary, “Girl,” directed by Kandeyce Collins. The film will have its North American premiere at the festival earlier that evening.


Already read that

Author Lingg Brewer says ‘quibble,’ experts say ‘plagiarism’

by Lawrence Cosentino

An odd thing happened on the way to reviewing “Dreams Gone Wrong,” former State Rep. Lingg Brewer’s book about gamblers and campus unrest at MSU in the 1960s.


Eyesore of the Week

by Daniel Bollman, AIA

Although this building features the truncated “witches hat” roof characteristic of nationally known fast-food franchise Pizza Hut, it was once the home of Lansing’s Famous Taco. Now vacant and boarded, its falling soffit is precariously held up by the former restaurant’s mechanical equipment. In a show of disregard toward the residents of nearby homes, even the Realtor’s sign is neglected and collapsed.


Seeing art through

The Lansing City Council is preparing for public art, but who will pay for it?

by Andy Balaskovitz

The Lansing City Council is in the process of establishing a formal commission to review and facilitate public art, but an underlying question that needs to be dealt with is: Will the public pay for it?


Mayor for life?

Virg Bernero finds out that successfully leading a city, as he has done in Lansing for more than eight years, doesn’t readily translate into higher office

by Mickey Hirten

There are some political jobs that are a perfect platform for higher office. But mayor isn’t one of them.

Arts and Culture

The hammer and the brush

Drummer Jeff Hamilton knows how to play well with others

by Lawrence Cosentino

They call him “The Hammer,” but veteran jazz drummer Jeff Hamilton is more versatile than that. And nicer.

Arts and Culture

Latin pride

Music festival celebrates 10 days of Latin American culture

by Alexandra Harakas

Two weeks ago, the film “Cesar Chavez,” featuring Michael Pena as the titular civil rights leader, debuted at Lansing’s NCG Cinemas. It is one of only 664 theaters in the country — and around 10 in Michigan — that are showing the movie, and its local release was supported by a petition campaign launched by local Latin Americans that garnered over 250 signatures. A spokeswoman for NCG said the screenings are getting “good” business, including two of the daily showings that feature Spanish subtitles.

Arts and Culture

Festival shuffle

Microbrew and Music Festival changes location back to Adado Riverfront Park

by City Pulse Staff

Organizers for Lansing’s inaugural Microbrew and Music Festival announced this week that the festival will return to its original planned location in Adado Riverfront Park downtown.

Arts and Culture

Yin and yang of Lingg

Brewer’s ‘Dreams Gone Wrong’ a mixed deck of MSU and Lansing history

by Lawrence Cosentino

More than 300 pages are packed into “Dreams Gone Wrong,” former State Rep. Lingg Brewer’s epic about gamblers and campus turmoil at Michigan State University and in Lansing during the 1960s. And each page is a fresh roll of the dice.

Arts and Culture

Vote for Vixens

Local roller derby league has shot at $25,000 prize

by Nicole Halvorsen

The Lansing Derby Vixens hope to skate past the competitors to win a national contest this week. The local roller derby team has made it to the top 10 in the “Make Your Idea Happen” contest, sponsored by the office supplies chain Staples. The contest puts the Derby Vixens in the running (rolling?) for a chance at a grand prize of $25,000 gift certificate to Staples.

Arts and Culture

Digital healing

4th Annual Capital City Film Festival demonstrates mass media’s therapeutic power


When people talk about the effects of entertainment on society, it’s usually not in high regard. Movies and video games are blamed for desensitizing people to violence, while each new wave of pop music is summarily dismissed as mindless dreck. Decades before people were dissing the wup-wup-wup-WHOMP of dubstep, they were scandalized by anything with an accentuated back-beat. Today’s old guard is always yesterday’s vanguard, where controversy plus time equals quaint.

Arts and Culture

CCFF Movie Reviews

by City Pulse

Reviewers are: David Barker, Lawrence Cosentino, Mary Cusack and Shawn Parker. “Valhalla” (64 min., directed by Nick Waggoner) A man lays spread-eagled on a sunbaked mesa. Modern life, a narrator tells us, has gotten too complicated and soulless. Remem...

Arts and Culture

Out On the Town

by City Pulse Staff

THURSDAY, APRIL 10 >> ‘Particle Fever’ at Studio C! We live in an incomprehensibly vast universe, but by looking at its smallest components, maybe we can get some insight on how it works. “Particle Fever” takes viewers inside the par...

Arts and Culture

Turn it down

A survey of Lansing's musical landscape

by Rich Tupica

This week’s Turn it Down is dedicated to Capital City Film Festival’s live music roster. From indie rap to sludge metal, it spans a broad spectrum of modish sounds.

Arts and Culture

New In Town



Last week I told you about two new Lansing area micro-distilleries: Sanctuary Spirits in Grand Ledge and American Fifth Spirits, which will open in downtown Lansing sometime this summer. But that’s not all the notable potable news in the area.


He Ate, She Ate: Mike’s Village Restaurant

Dimondale diner does breakfast right, with a side of quirky

by Mark Nixon and Gabrielle Johnson

It’s said that a small town lacking a social hub is in danger of becoming a ghost town. Bars often serve as this social glue, sometimes schools or churches.


04/09/14 Radio Show

by City Pulse Radio

This week's guests are A'Lynne Boles, president of the Lansing City Council; Dominic Cochran of the Capital City Film Festival; Lauren Gann of MSU Students United; Amanda Taylor of the Women's Center of Greater Lansing; and Deborah Mikula, executive director of the Arts Council of Greater Lansing.

Advice Goddess

Advice Goddess

Watching Paint Die And Don Emoticon

by Amy Alkon

Wednesday, Apr. 9 — Q: I’ve been dating a girl I really like for six weeks. She pays her rent with a 9-to-5 job but studied painting at art school and wants to make it her career. Unfortunately, I don’t like her paintings at all. They are abstract and don’t look like they take much craft, and they just don’t aesthetically appeal to me.

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